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Natural Environment

Pyla is a village with very few uncultivated pieces of land which are covered by wild vegetation. As far as the village’s cultivated pieces of land are concerned, there dominates the cultivation of grains. At the same time, however, there are also several expanses covered with olive groves, as well as a limited number of vines, while it is worth mentioning that there used to be several expanses covered with vines in the past. In particular, up until the 70s, vines were extensively cultivated and grapes were used for the production of wine, vinegar and other grape by-products. 

In addition, the village’s beauty is enhanced by the various greenery areas that were formed by the separation of land. In particular, the mountain range of Aspromouttin, where trees have been planted by the Department of Forests, and the Linear Park in the tourist zone of Pyla, which was a Town Planning Project, add to the beauty of the village.  


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