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Community Council

The President and the members of the Community Council of Pyla that were elected during the municipal elections of 18/12/2016 are:
Full Name: Simos Mytides (President)
Τelephone: 99634004
Full Name: Andreas Kasenides (Vice-President)
Τelephone: 99676061
The members of the Community Council are:
Full Name: Maria Michael
Full Name: Demetra Demetriou
Full Name: Sotirakis Michael
Full Name: Evgenia Mytide
Full Name: Costas Afxentiou
Full Name: Pavlos Vasiliou
Full Name: Pantelis Theofanous
The personnel of the Community Council is:
Full Name: Stavros Stavrou (Secretary)
Full Name: Loukia Costa
Full Name: Loukia Antoniou
Full Name: Stalo Anastasiou

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