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Elementary School

  1. A.   Historical Background

The primary school of Pyla first operated in September 1939. 

According to the school’s archives, it appears that during some years the school was attended by as many as 120-140 pupils and that Armenian and Turkish students were included in the pupil population during some of those years although there was a Turkish school in the community.

In the school year 1957-1958 the school was attended by 126 students, while in the school year 1981-1982 by 135 students. 

Intheschoolyear2011-2012, theschoolisattendedby 111 children (6 English-Cypriots, 1 Russianand 1 Moldovan) who are distributed in 7 forms, while 10 teachers constitute the school’s teaching staff. 

B. School Description

The front part of the school building was constructed in 1968-1969. In 1986, the school building was expanded with the addition of a classroom and canteen. Later on, the back wing, new lavatories and the staff room were built. The inauguration ceremony was performed by the Minister of Education and Culture at the time, Mrs Claire Aggelidou, in 1996. During an antiseismic upgrade of the school building in 2004, two more classrooms were added to the building and which included those of technology and design and domestic science.   

Recently, works for the expansion and improvement of the school building have begun. Four new classrooms are going to be built, in addition to a special education hall and a multiple-usage hall which will include an infirmary, a secretary’s office and the head-teacher’s office.   

Address: 225th Street, Pyla

Tel: 24 645 928 


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