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The Community Council of Pyla, aiming at the development, progress and beautification of the community, has planned and effectuated a series of projects. Presented below are the projects which have already been planned, as well as the ones which are under construction.  

Completed Projects:

  • Construction of a Community Building
  • Gentrification of the Police Station (Politsi)
  • Construction of a Community Stadium
  • Construction of a Sports Centre
  • Completion of an ambitious project involving the construction of a church dedicated to Agios Georgios.
  • Gentrification of the church of Archangel Michael and Panagia Asprovouniotissa.
  • Gentrification of the Venetian Castle and the Tombs of the Kings.
  • Construction of a Cultural Centre.
  • Construction of new water tank within the community.
  • Asphalting of roads within the community.


Planned Projects:

  • Creation of a Children’s Club.
  • Construction of a coastal pedestrian area.
  • Construction of a coastal road.
  • Construction of a mini-football pitch next to the Primary School.
  • Cleaning of public streets and plots.
  • Pruning of public palm trees.
  • Restoration of the bell tower of the church of Archangel Michael.


Projects under construction:

  • Expansion of the Primary School by adding four classrooms.
  • Creation of playgrounds at the Linear Park of the tourist area.
  • Creation of greenery areas at the tourist zone.
  • Construction of pavements and pedestrian areas.



Pyla Community Council

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