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Pyla Community Welfare Council Nursery School

The Nursery School of the Community Welfare Council of Pyla began its operation on February 1st 2007. Today, the school is attended by 60 children coming from the wider area. Our school has always been staffed with qualified personnel who offer love and knowledge to the children, this way helping them develop all necessary skills for a better future.

School objectives:

  • To offer each child the warmth, comfort and safety they feel in their own home.  
  • To give each child the opportunity to develop spiritually, mentally and physically in a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment.  

The Community Welfare Council of Pyla maintains excellent premises including spacious air-conditioned classrooms which are equipped with all kinds of aids necessary for the development of the child.  

Our school offers care, safety and an educational programme to children between the ages of three-months old and five years old. The children are divided into four groups, according to their age. 

The construction of the School was done according to European standards and is supervised by the Social Welfare Services.  

Address: 9, Fourth Avenue, 7070 Pyla

Tel: 24 644 201


The text has been prepared by the Pyla Community Welfare Council Nursery School.



Pyla State Nursery School

The state nursery school of Pyla was founded and first operated in 1979. Originally, it was housed in a classroom of the Old Primary School which stood at the location of the present church of Agios Georgios. In 1996, after the decision for the construction of the church of Agios Georgios was made, a brand new Nursery School was built near the Primary School. Since then and characterised by the same enthusiasm, it has been offering children the necessary aids, skills and knowledge in a joyous environment. The nursery school aims at helping children adjust smoothly to the wider school and social environment by offering them a holistic development in the best possible degree. The nursery school used to operate with only one form but in the past two years the number of pupils has risen and therefore the school today operates with two forms.   

Looking back, the State Nursery School used to be attended by 30 children in a building consisting of two rooms, which housed the Association Foinikas and the Nursery School respectively. The roof was covered in tiles, the door and windows were wooden and the floor was made of wooden boards. The yard had several trees and the fencing was stony. At this point we are going to mention an incident which was narrated to us by Mrs Tasoula Ioannou, assistant at the Nursery School: “When the children at the Nursery School would eat citrus fruit, they would throw the fruit-stone under the floor boards and as a result one of them flourished and a tree grew right in the middle of the classroom, where the children used to gather by forming a circle. The pupils and their teacher would take care of the small tree so that it would grow. Unfortunately, later, when the Nursery School was renovated, everything changed and the favourite tree of the school was uprooted”. 

The Nursery School actively participates in all cultural and social proceedings of the community of Pyla. This is succeeded thanks to the cooperation between the Nursery School’s management and the Parents’ Association, as well as with the constant support provided by the Community Council of Pyla.    

Address: 25th Street, 7080, Pyla

Tel: 24 644 080

Fax: 24 646 414

E-mail: [email protected]



The text has been prepared by the State Nursery School of Pyla.



Pyla Primary School

  1. A.   Historical Background

The primary school of Pyla first operated in September 1939.

According to the school’s archives, it appears that during some years the school was attended by as many as 120-140 pupils and that Armenian and Turkish students were included in the pupil population during some of those years although there was a Turkish school in the community.

In the school year 1957-1958 the school was attended by 126 students, while in the school year 1981-1982 by 135 students.

In the school year 2011-2012, the school is attended by 111 children (6 English-Cypriots, 1 Russian and 1 Moldovan) who are distributed in 7 forms, while 10 teachers constitute the school’s teaching staff.

B. School Description

The front part of the school building was constructed in 1968-1969. In 1986, the school building was expanded with the addition of a classroom and canteen. Later on, the back wing, new lavatories and the staff room were built. The inauguration ceremony was performed by the Minister of Education and Culture at the time, Mrs Claire Aggelidou, in 1996. During an antiseismic upgrade of the school building in 2004, two more classrooms were added to the building and which included those of technology and design and domestic science.  

Recently, works for the expansion and improvement of the school building have begun. Four new classrooms are going to be built, in addition to a special education hall and a multiple-usage hall which will include an infirmary, a secretary’s office and the head-teacher’s office. 

Address: 225th Street, Pyla

Tel: 24 645 928


The text has been prepared by the Primary School of Pyla



































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