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The club of Aspida Pylas was founded in 1957 and the following objectives were set upon its foundation:
  • To promote physical activity and Fair Play in order to protect the youth from bad habits which torture our society.
  • To maintain our football team in a Division of the CFA (Cyprus Football Association) in order to boost interest and provide incentives for the youth to do sports.   
  • To cooperate with other associations and communities for the creation of strong relationships.

The Administrative Committee of Aspida is formed by the following:

  • Kikis Mytides – President
  • Stelios Gavriel – Secretary
  • Costas Antoniou – Cashier
  • Antonis Theophanous – Inspector General
  • Costas Afxentiou – Cultural Issues Executive
  • Sakis Antoniou – Member

The members and friends of Aspida gather and entertain themselves at the club’s private building. In fact, Aspida holds Christmas and carnival balls, as well as Easter games. Finally, it is noteworthy that the club collaborates with another organised party, “Foinikas Pylas”.  


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