The Nursery School of the Community Welfare Council of Pyla began its operation on February 1st 2007. Today, the school is attended by 60 children coming from the wider area. Our school has always been staffed with qualified personnel who offer love and knowledge to the children, this way helping them develop all necessary skills for a better future. 

School objectives:

TheCommunityWelfareCouncilofPylamaintainsexcellentpremises includingspaciousair-conditioned classrooms which are equipped with all kinds of aids necessary for the development of the child. 

Ourschooloffers care, safety and an educational programme to children between the ages of three-months old and five years old. The children are divided into four groups, according to their age. 

TheconstructionoftheSchoolwasdoneaccordingtoEuropeanstandardsandis supervised by the Social Welfare Services.

Address: 9, Fourth Avenue, 7070 Pyla

Tel: 24 644 201 


The text has been prepared by the PylaCommunity Welfare Council Nursery School.